Our Lawyers

Veronica Vallelonga, Family lawyer and Divorce lawyerWhen one or both members of a couple realize their marriage is not working out, it is normal to want to consult a lawyer to protect their rights. This is why our Divorce Lawyers and Family Lawyers Department enables you to speak directly to a lawyer on the phone, on a chat line or by email.

The divorce lawyer team managed by Mrs. Veronica Vallelonga represents clients with many needs: child custody, division of the family estate, alimony, divorce, youth protection hearings etc. Our family lawyers are available in many districts including Montreal, Laval and Longueuil. Divorce procedures may be settled out of court or be challenged in court. In all cases, legislation provides for various aspects that must be checked, and this is why it is important to consult a specialist.

Introducing family lawyer Veronica Vallelonga

After studying law at Laval University and graduating from McGill University, Mrs. Valleloga joined the firm of Cormier Simard. Her great character traits made her stand out right away: self-confident, a clever negotiator, with smooth people skills, but mainly: a hard worker. Mrs. Vallelonga soon became indispensable within the office and in Court. Her success rate as a family lawyer means many clients come back to her when there are new conflicts. She manages to remain available to meet clients immediately. She can be consulted in English, French or Italian.

Mrs. Veronica Vallelonga and her team will support you and defend your rights throughout the whole process. An assessment of your case and costs is done right after the first consultation. Afterwards, we will go all the way to make sure you receive what you are entitled to, either through mediation, negotiation or legal procedures.

Our divorce lawyers and family lawyers apply two types of rates: hourly rate or a package deal (This is an overall predetermined rate for a procedure. For example, it costs $ 100 for the first consultation.)

Our Philosophy

Family law requires a humanitarian approach, because what clients are experiencing is often very painful. But the approach also has to be aggressive, since those who trust in us first of all want results. Our lawyers can boast of combining these two essential qualities.