Joint divorce

When a couple or a member thereof decides to consult our divorce lawyer to settle out of court, a first meeting is held at our office. Note that there are certain basic criteria required to sue for divorce: the couple has to be separated for a minimum of 12 months, except in cases of domestic violence, adultery, psychological abuse, etc.

Mrs. Vallelonga first assesses with the former partners what their needs are. They discuss together an agreement project in order to distribute the estate, to determine child custody as well as alimony and child support charges.

Mrs. Vallelonga summarily drafts a joint petition based on the data of this agreement. The petition shall be read to the parties during the second meeting. Once the parties have signed the petition, it is submitted to the Superior Court.

Afterwards, a delay of about two weeks is provided before the divorce takes effect.

2 thoughts on “Joint divorce”

  1. I currently no longer live at my house. I would like to file a divorce. I have a criminal case against my husband. And my husband has a criminal case against me. I am not allowed at my residence. I have a son 7years old. Am I allowed to pick him up from school and have him stay with me a few days, my husband can pick him up from school subsequently. My husband has conditions against me from going to my residence but not my son. Am I allowed to see my son?

    1. Hi,

      You are allowed to see your son as long as there is no court order prohibiting it. Your situation definitely needs a comprehensive strategy, and some court motions, to be adressed.

      Call us anytime so we can review the steps together 18002165029

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